Mr. Dry Services knows how important it is to get your life back to normal after a disaster.
You can count on us to respond quickly and deliver quality, professional service in the fastest time possible.

We Take Pride in the Level of Service That Our Customers Receive

30 years ago, I opened a small carpet cleaning company with my brother, wife, and daughter. We were, and still are, very successful because we take pride in the level of service that our customers receive. Also, we are proud to announce that as of today we’ve grown into 4 divisions:


Emergency service water extraction team.


Mold remediation with state of Florida licenses.

General Contracting:

A division that will take care of ANY of your repair needs from fire, to mold, to water damage repair.

Mold Air Testing:

Licensed by the state of Florida to check for the quality of the air within your home, business, and/or office. Prompt 24 hour turn around with your results.

One of our biggest accomplishments in 30 years of being in business was after Hurricane Charley. We were selected as the top rated company amongst many others to rebuild the Pine Island water plant from start to finish, including the restoration of all of their water tanks and the remodeling of their amicable building. Furthermore, we’ve done work during several restorations of Lee Memorial Health Systems buildings.

A more recent accomplishment is the remodel of a Naples Boston Market due to fire damages. It took only a few weeks to complete with their urgency of re-opening.

We look forward to doing business with you in any of the areas we service throughout Lee and Collier Counties. You can call me, Big Mike, and I will personally look after your claim if the need for any of our services may arise. The same way I have been doing for 30 years. Thank You!