Emergency Water Damage Repair in Fort Myers, FL

Choose our speedy water extraction and restoration services

Let’s face it, nobody is ever truly prepared for water damage. If you’re in the middle of a water damage emergency from a flood or leaking pipes, don’t wait. Call Mr. Dry Services at 239-278-3148 immediately. Our crew will come to your property in Fort Myers, FL as soon as possible to extract water and set up professional drying equipment.

Call 239-278-3148 right away to get emergency water damage repair in Fort Myers, FL.

4 reasons to get professional water damage restoration

your floor damaged, Mr. Dry Services is the perfect solution for all your water damage repair needs. Choose our team to:

  1. Dry out your belongings faster
  2. Eliminate the risk of growing mold
  3. Reduce the damage to your property
  4. Get assistance filing a claim with your insurance

Call Mr. Dry Services at 239-278-3148 to schedule an appointment for water damage restoration as soon as possible.