Want to give the rooms in your home a new, fresh look? New flooring is the perfect way to brighten a room while adding value to your home.

When many homeowners think of renovating or remodeling their homes, they begin by choosing a new type of flooring. Since the flooring of your home covers a large surface, selecting the right flooring for your home is a very important decision and Mike Brigandi and his team of experts at Mr. Dry Services are ready to assist you. The experts at Mr. Dry Services have been helping home and business owners all across Southwest Florida since 1999. They understand the investments made in both home and business ownership, and will not only help you in selecting the perfect type of flooring for the room it will be installed in, Mr Dry Services will work with you to help you invest in a flooring that is the right fit you’re your lifestyle, needs and function. Whether you are renovating your property to upgrade and give it a new look, or if you have experienced a disaster that requires your kitchen or bathroom to be remodeled, why not trust your remodeling project to professionals who have “picked up the pieces” of so many homeowner’s lives and not just restored their homes but created a better, fresher living experience.

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What to consider when choosing your flooring

Lifestyle – The flooring of your home impacts your daily life and should fit with your lifestyle, needs and function. If you enjoy spending hours cooking in your kitchen, choose a flooring which will be comfortable to stand on for long periods of time. Do you have children or pets? Choose a flooring that is durable and easy to maintain.
Style – What style do you like? There are a wide variety of floor coverings and each one offers various choices in patterns, textures and colors. Look around the room you are renovating and think about its use, functionality and décor to help you decide which flooring covering to select.
Budget – Since the flooring of your home covers such a large surface, when calculating your budget, don’t forget to factor in any additional costs or materials such as installation, labor, removal and disposal of previous flooring, underlayment and baseboards.

Why Choose Mr Dry for your Flooring Installation?

  • Mr. Dry Services can handle your flooring remodeling project from start to finish and take care of both your cleanup and restoration needs as well as your post disaster construction needs if applicable. Whether it’s a remodeling project following a disaster or you’re just ready for a change, you can trust that owner Mike Brigandi can provide the expertise for both.
  • The experts at Mr. Dry Services have been serving SWFL since 1999. They understand that the cleanup is just the first phase of restoring your normal life. Even if you haven’t experienced a disaster that requires your home or office to have new flooring, why not trust your remodeling project to professionals who have “picked up the pieces” of so many homeowner’s lives and not just restored their homes but created a wonderful living experience.
  • Remodeling for any reason can be disruptive to your lives and we strive to get you back to normal as soon as possible. We will help you select a flooring that will not only fit your budget, your new flooring will fit your lifestyle, needs and function for maximum enjoyment.
  •  As a family owned and operated business, owner Mike Brigandi wants to help you in every phase of your flooring and remodeling project. Our trained and licensed staff are leaders in the industry in remodeling projects including bathrooms, kitchens and whole house restorations and renovations. You don’t need to have had a disaster to appreciate the experience and skill that “Big Mike” and his team bring to any job.

If you find yourself in need of a fire & smoke damage restoration company, please choose Mr. Dry Services, a trusted family owned business in your community with over 30 years’ experience. And for all your flooring remodeling needs, look no further than Mr. Dry Services to handle all your remodeling and repair needs.

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